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Our farm is a family company existing over 60 years on nursery market.

The farm is located in Zasów near Dębica in the Dębica district. The area of the nursery occupies 20 ha of our own land and 60 ha of the rented one.

We produce top-grade nursery material, free from any diseases and viruses.  The area of the fruit tree nursery is 25 ha, of the vegetative rootstocks - 4 ha, and of the butwood orchard 2 ha.


We produce

Fruit tree saplings: apple-trees, sweet cherry-trees, pear-trees, cheery trees, plum trees, peach trees

40% of our production are knipboom trees - two year old with an annual crown (they are produced by means of the winter grafting and dormant eye).

The rest 60% of our production are annual inoculators and seven-month material.

Vegetative rootstocks: M9, M26, M7, P14, P60, Colt, Pigwa S1.

Rootstocks with a dormant eye and grafted ones.

Creeper tree: red currant, blackcurrant, white currant, red and white gooseberry.


Storing trees

We have a modern warehouse, technical and machine bases. We have a modern cold store, where we can keep at the same time: 250 thousand trees, 1 mln rootstocks and 500 thousand grafted rootstocks and with a dormant eye ones.